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Dog's life organizer app

Paws in Hands is a gamified app which helps dog owners to manage all aspects of their dog’s life.

Tools used: Figma , Adobe XD , Photoshop , Illustrator


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The problem

Having a dog is a big responsibility and sometimes it's hard to manage all the minutiae

Has he been fed

Has he been walked

Has he pooped

Has he taken his pills

When was he last washed

When is the next vet meeting

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From the same field

MyPet Reminders

The app help you track your pet's veterinarian appointments and medications.

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Management app to organize all of your pet’s information.

The Bark

reproductions of dog art and tips on animal behavior plus training articles, book reviews, veterinary advice and more

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The Mission

Fun to use

managing your dog's life is not always fun.

the app should be user friendly, and more like a game


To create a full organizer for all the dog care activities with notifications 


Allow users to see information about their important daily responsibilities for their dog


To create an online store for dogs food and accessories

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The Solution

Operations Dashboard

For the convenience of users, I designed a dashboard that shows the upcoming responsibilities that need to be done for the dog’s care.

The dashboard is displayed on the main screen of the app, and gives information in the order of things to be done, who will do them, and when.

by clicking, it shows the information about the same responsibility. Who did it before, when, and who will do it next.

Sharing information between different users

Caring for a dog is not a simple thing and there is so much information to convey and remember during the day.

Who fed him and when?

When was the last shower?

When is the next vet appointment?

Who took him out, when, for how long, and if he did his business on this trip?

The app will remember all these things for the users and present them to to the users in a convenient and intuitive way.

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Reminder with notifications

When it's a user's turn to do a dog care assignment, they will get a notification on their mobile.


While they’re doing this assignment the app will give them tips and fill in values ​​that need to be remembered or transferred to other users.

Each assignment worth points

In fact, the app is an organizer app that reminds users when they need to perform a task related to their dog care.

For every task a user performs they are rewarded with points.

Users play against each other to reach a higher score

Store, Vet, Trainer and a Dog Walker

Everything you need in one app.

In addition to be an organizer app, it also covers all the other aspects of being a responsible dog owner.

Users can enter the store screen, and through it, order food or equipment for the dog from different places.

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Find a veterinarian/trainer/doggy-sitter, coordinate with them, and be updated through the app.

The Result

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