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Social collaborative parking app

This app connects drivers who are searching for available parking spaces, and those who are vacating them.

Tools used: Figma , Adobe XD , Photoshop

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The Problem

It can be very challenging to find a parking space in Tel-Aviv

There is no direct channel between people who vacate parking space to those who are searching for one

It can be complicated to understand what are the rules on street parking signs

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TLV Parking

The app displays data on parking lots in Tel Aviv


Allows you to find a parking space using the map, but actually shows only parking lots and the app is not clear to operate


A "Social Parking" app that connects drivers who are looking for a place to park and owners of a private parking garage.


The application maps free parking areas on the street as well as the prices of the parking lots and the number of available spaces in them

Whatsapp groups

These days there are a lot of "WhatsApp" groups of specific neighborhoods, where neighbors can write when they are vacating a parking spot


People rent out their private parking when it is available. It's not necessarily cheaper than a car park, but the parking spaces offered are scattered throughout the city, and parking can also be reserved in advance.

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Freeing up parking

They need to get from one place to another so they chose to take out their car.

They usually know in advance at what time they will move their car and free up a parking spot.

Usually, they will feel frustrated about being forced to leave the parking spot they were searching for, for quite some time.

Once they clear the parking spot and reach their destination, usually also there, they will also have to look for a place to park their car there.

Parking seekers

Type A (returning home):

They do not have a private parking in their home.

Driving a few rounds in their neighborhood in the hope that someone will free up a parking spot.

Frustrated when they don't find a parking space and may even give up and park in a nearby parking lot.

When they finally found a parking spot, it's not always easy to understand the parking signs rules, and may receive a fine if parked incorrectly

Type B (traveled somewhere):

They arrived at the place they traveled to (friends home / family / work / meeting) and there is no parking space.

They do not know  the exact parking rules on the streets in this area and it’s sometimes difficult for them to understand what is written on the city signs at the beginning of the street.

Usually do not invest much time in searching for a parking spot and will prefer to park in a nearby parking lot.

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Both users are the same user at a different hour of the day

The frustrating feeling of leaving a parking spot, may disappear when the users know that they will find a new parking spot later, thanks to the app. the sense of identification with the "parking seekers" users may encourage them to inform the app, telling it that they are vacating a parking spot.

users could use the app to find a parking spot not just in their neighborhood, but also when they traveling or visiting someone

The final app should also hold data of street parking rules, and give the users a personal summary relevant to them

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The Mission

create a sharing platform

To create an information sharing platform, for users to update when they free up blue and white parking spots

provide info

Providing the information about available parking spaces, to those who are searching for a parking spot

motivate users

To encourage users to invest their time in notifying the app when they vacate a parking space.

park saving

Ensure that the parking you found through the app will remain available for you until you reach it

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The Solution

Intuitive, fast and easy to operate app

with two main flows - searching or freeing up parking spot

The users may be on the go and in their cars.

or maybe in a rush to leave their apartment and parking spot.

They want an app that is quick to update and to reserve a parking spot on.

It's all about timing

allowing more flexibility in updating the app raises the odds of finding a parking spot.

the time effect takes a big role in the "searching for parking spot activity"

normally it's all about being in the right place and at the right moment.

By adding this feature users can update the app even hours before they vacate a parking spot,

and also they can start the searching ahead

"Save me this parking spot" option

if the other user confirm, it's a match!

the two users already have the time and the parking spot location that the "freeing up" user update, so they can make the exchange.

if the exchange takes place, the app will take one credit from the user who requested the parking spot, and give one credit to the user who waited and saved the parking spot until the other user arrived and parked his car​

users whose desire a parking spot other user freeing up, because it's location and the timing it will be available. can make sure this parking space remain free for them, by asking for "save me this parking spot".

Provide a motive for users to report when they freeing up a parking spot, and to wait for another user to take their spot

Users who vacate a parking spot and wait for another user to replace them in their spot, should be rewarded with some benefit

give and take principle -

you earn a "credit coin", when you passing your parking spot to another user, face to face.

you earn a "credit", when you reserve your parking spot for another user, face to face.

you spend a "credit" when you ask for another user to reserve a spot for you so they can make the exchange face to face.

without "credits" users couldn't ask for a reservation

Gives users info about parking rules according to the parking location and the users regional parking character

according to the streets signs rules, and the user regional parking character, the app will let the user know in advance if he can park his car in this location without getting a parking report or not.

Where I park my car?

Life happens, and sometimes the users can forget where they park their cars.

in this section users can see the location of their car, and also save a new location - when they park in a spot without using the app.

Using a personal tone and pleasant language

The users must have a good experience using the app.
during the onboarding process, the users will in their information, including: name, and the way they want the app will contact them- as a male or a female.

this will increase the willingness of the users to use this app on a daily basis

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Users Flow

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The Result

The searching flow

The freeing up flow




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