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Virtual assistant Voice Bot

As part of my role as a Interaction Designer at "Over-AI",

I designed and implementing virtual assistant voice bots

for Business clients (B2B).

I Designed dozens of Bots and each one was custom made

for each client, according to his needs.

I'm happy to share with you a small example of my daily work

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Off hours Bot for "Crossfit"

Client brief

Off hours bot, will take massages and provide information about "crossfit" gym.

Defining all possible needs of callers


I want to leave a massage

I want to talk with "x" please

I want to schedule a meeting


What is "crossfit"?

Who is it good for?

What is your address?

what are the opening hours?

Edge cases

The Bot does not understand the caller needs

Defining the Bot behave

when caller ask question about "Crossfit"

when caller want info about branches and working hours

The Bot gives the relevant answer

SMS with all the relevant info sent to caller ID number

when caller want to schedule a meeting

when caller want to leave a massage

when caller want to talk to a certain person

The Bot will take necessary info:

on which branch, which day, what time, caller name and cell-number, and will send an E-mail & SMS with all the info to the crossfit branch manager.

The Bot will take necessary info:

massage content, for who is it for, caller name and cell-number, and will send an E-mail & SMS with all the info to the requested recipient.

The call will be forwarded to the requested recipient

*Edge cases* - when caller ask for something the Bot not understand

The Bot will ask to repeat the sentence.

if still doesn't understand, will apologize and take a massage. which will be send to the Crossfit costumers service

At the end of each scenario, the bot will ask the caller if there is anything else he can help with



Developing a full conversation flow

Designing and implementing the Bot

Basically, the program works on "Text-to-Speech" logic,

but in order that the Bot will act appropriately and react to the sentence the caller says, some small coding writing was needed to do.

For example, when the Bot ask the caller of which branch he wants to get information on, and the caller response "Tel-Aviv",

So my work was to write the necessary code for this situation,

which in this case it is:

if params["BRANCH"].value == u"תל אביב":

return [


"action_name": "set_response",

"responses":[u"סניף תל אביב, נמצא ברחוב שטרית 10 באצטדיון האתלטיקה הדר יוסף. אני יכולה לעזור במשהו נוסף?"]




return []

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