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I'm Matan Utnik

UI , UX & Product designer

Born and raised in Tel-Aviv.
​Graduated a bachelor's degree in industrial design from the HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) Academy.
And a diploma in UI UX Design from the Netcraft Academy.


3 year experience as a Product Designer.

2 years experience as a UI UX Designer.

I work with the leading software in the field such as Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator,

Adobe XD, Premiere, and 3D software like Solidworks and Keyshot.

plus I have a knowledge in coding.

UX Design and Industrial Design have a lot in common, the initial step of defining the product and thinking about the purpose of the product and how it can serve all user's needs, it's almost identical. but the manufacturing process is different, in one, the product plans are sent to the manufacturing plant, while in the other they are sent to the Software Developer to write the necessary code.
For that reason, my knowledge and experience in designing industrial products, bring a different kind of thinking and can contribute to the Product and the Design teams.

My strengths are rapid analytical thinking and deep understanding of technology, which helps me to understand how products work and to understand people from different backgrounds and cultures.

I have a creative mind, which helps me in solving problems by thinking outside of the box and identifying multiple effective solutions.

For the past year, I've been working as a freelance UI UX designer.

Nowadays I'm searching for the next place to work, focusing on being a team player, developing my skills, and contributing to.

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