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Redesign Barbi website for desktop

The "Barbi" club website is an e-commerce platform for live shows and events happening at a venue

Tools used: Adobe XD , Photoshop

The original website

Landing page

Artist Page

Order Ticket Page

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The website goal is to sell tickets for shows happening in the club

it gives the user info about upcoming shows, as well as more info about the show or the artist

From the user experience,i t seems that the site effectively guides the user directly to ordering tickets. It also encourages buying the last tickets left for shows

What works well

Everything is straight to the point, it is clear that if the user enters the site, they know the "Barbie" and all they wants is to buy tickets to a show.
The cubes display upcoming shows by dates, it's intuitive if the user knows he wants to come to the "Barbie" and simply have to choose the best day for it.
Updates when there are individual tickets left for shows

What is missing

The availability of a search option inside the site is lacking.

More information on the artist's page about the artist and the show itself.

Since this is the e-commerce platform of a physical venue, the site should be connected to the place itself with the aesthetic and what it conveys.

The user experience on the site is a bit outdated, and it seems no thought has been given to what can create a better experience for the user.

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The Mission

to improve the user experience so the site will fulfill the full needs of the users

​To convey the "Barbi" vibe, so it will feel like a live show's website

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The Solution

A clean and organized landing page with new possibilities

​A menu header with new widgets, so users can easily find what they need.

One of the new things I added is a selling forum, so the users could sell tickets if they cannot use them for any reason, instead of posting a post on Facebook or other options.

On this page the users can find the most relevant things for them:

A "corona" banner come down and goes back up with a click, "limited ticket" for up coming shows, this week's shows, "make your own event" and a footer with contact details.

Searching option

A smart searching bar, so users could easily find exactly what they searching for

view events on calendar 

With the "Barbi" calendar view it's easier to find future shows.

the calendar icon was placed on the left side of the header, and accessible from any page. 

when users click on "events" the icon moves to the secondary menu, so it appears even more clearly.

The right atmosphere

Since this is a live show club’s website, it should communicate the vibe of the venue. 

The artist is in the spotlight, on the stage, and on the website.

The dark background and spotlight reflects the real experience of being in a live music venue.

For the users convenience, I added a like button to artist pages.

By using the like function, users will be notified of future shows from this artist and they will never miss a show.

Press "Like" and get notification about up coming shows

Informative artist page 

Clean page, designed with all the important stuff:

info about the artist and the show; option to buy tickets or a gift card; listen to the album directly; provide links to relevant websites and a like button

Corona virus - what can we do?

While I was working on this project, the corona virus started to affect the economy.

Part of the mission I was embarking on was to ask; what can a place like "Barbi" do during these uncertain times?

Online shows where the answer, so I designed a pop-up message and a specific page for them

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The Result 

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